Adrienne Resha

Comics & Cultural Studies

CSS (2018) #2

So back to day two: with apologies to the brilliant scholars whose work I missed during the 8:30 AM session, there was no way I was making it from the hotel room to the conference site. It just wasn’t going to happen. I did make it to the 10:30 AM session on “Rethinking Approaches,” which made me want to do more public facing scholarship (like Osvaldo Oyola’s The Middle Spaces).

Between the second session and the third, the Graduate Student Caucus met. I, serving in my capacity as Secretary-Treasurer, took minutes. 

After lunch, I attended a session (outside of my comfort area) on autobio comics. I’ve learned a lot at CSS18 just by seeing and hearing about research that I don’t personally do.

Later, what was probably my favorite roundtable (I am not, as it turns out, a big fan of watching them—I’d really rather participate—please ask me to be on your roundtables), “Jump the Gaps!: Comics Scholar-Practitioners and the Future of Comics Studies,” brought comics scholar-educator-creators into conversation with one another and with the audience. Grant Thomas’s introduction made me want to talk to him about religion and comics (we talked). I could literally listen to Stanford Carpenter talk forever (he’s got a podcast coming out soon with NPR). And the rapport that John Jennings had with his collaborators was incredible (Jennings also saw me present “Blue Age” and only had nice things to say about it when we talked this—Saturday—morning and I will never get over that). 

In the last session that I attended Friday, “Feminisms,” I got to see the work of scholars that I had, like before, admired from afar on Twitter and that of scholars that I had only just met at the conference. I am especially excited to hear more about Rachel R. Miller’s work (you can find her on Twitter).

I grabbed dinner on my own, needing some time to decompress, and went back to my hotel room to write “CSS (2018) #1.” Writing #2 from the end of day three, I’m not doing it justice. I love being here, even though I am very much looking forward to going home (where I’ll write #3) and getting started on projects that I am more excited than ever to be working on.

“CSS (2018) #3” THE FINAL ISSUE out tomorrow!